Bambino is a brand strategy for a niche, consumer market. The idea was to create a brand that had toys and furniture that matched the style and aesthetic of newly parents that was upmarket, contemporary and minimal and sophisticated in design allowing the parents to transition from their old life, to their new with children. The brandís design, was to make it approachable for chidren of both sexes and in product despite the particular aesthetic of the parents.

The brand identity was explored in application on a range of thing including price tags, brand story tags, gift tags, packaging and the shop exterior through presentation boards.

The use of differing shapes - of a cloud and rectagnular shape help differentiate the products within its category as either furniture (cloud) or toys (rectangular shape).

The use of the colour combination adopted for the brand also differentiate what products are for a girl or boy, by looking at the background colour of the tag SITEMAP Copyright © 2012 Justine Lesmana