Sydney Eye Hospital


"Design for disabilities, everyone benefits."

- David Berman.

Inspired by Bermanís quote, the premises of my design process for Sydney Eye Hospital in designing its environmental graphics was to cater for the needs of the patients to the hospital who have an array of vision impairments such as colour blindness (red, green and blue) as well as age-related conditions like macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataracts. In doing so, it also caters for the general public and staff of the hospital

In employing this idea, the design has created an environment that breaks down barriers and is inclusive to all. It enhances and creates a positive experience to visitors as they navigate throughout the hospital, but in particular the initial stages of their journey on arrival.

The environmental graphics are playful and dynamic in nature, creating vibrancy in what would normally be a mundane space.

The visual language throughout the environment of the hospital has also been established across other elements associated with the hospital, giving a sense of how it would work as a system. This also further increases accessibility and ease, even allowing the journey of a patient to start from home and follow through within the hospital. SITEMAP Copyright © 2012 Justine Lesmana